Our students who have done clinical research rotations

At medicalstudentrotations.com we not only provide excellent clinical rotations to Foreign Medical graduates but also research rotations to FMGs. The research rotations are with excellent mentors from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Stanford Hospital in California, and other prestigious teaching institutions across the US. Students enrolled in these research rotations do research with the preceptors and mentors, and over a period of one month or two months, they are able to produce one to two abstracts which are usually published in various places like him the American College of Physicians (ACP), the American Medical Association (AMA), Medical Student forums, etc. These abstracts and publications are considered and rated very highly in the selection process by the program directors as it reflects sincerity, dedication, and zeal for research publication.
These research clinical rotations help move the candidate’s application into a pretty strong position and they are able to match competitively with other applicants and American Medical Graduates. Some of our students who have done clinical research rotations with us have gotten into residency programs in surgery and OB/GYN as well. Getting into research positions for only 1 or 2 months in the USA is very difficult and more difficult is to get an abstract or publication in that time frame. Our panel of research preceptors specializes in helping FMGs get research completed online or in person so that they are able to complete at least 2 research projects.
Our organization excels in providing clinical research positions to students. We understand FMG students also have a lot of questions and queries – they can reach us through our website or email at – info@medicalstudentrotation.com
Our website has a lot of useful information and videos that medical students can access and make an informed choice.
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