All of them have taken and performed excellently on their USMLE exams

At we pride ourselves in not only providing excellent clinical rotations but also providing help to foreign medical graduates in passing USMLE Steps 1, 2, and 3. We have extensive in-person classes conducted from the USA where there is live interaction between the clinical professors, preceptors, and the students for 4 to 6 hours/day. (Live online at an appropriate time for FMGs). After the classes are over the students are given practice questions and given topics to review on which they are quizzed the next day and tested the next day. The system also provides feedback to the students regarding their strengths and weaknesses and their progress.
The preceptors and teachers reinforce each individual student’s weaknesses separately and privately so that they are rectified, and their concepts are cleared. On a weekly basis, mock tests and exams or reviews are held so that progress is documented and verified. Students are taught the strategies for solving the questions asked in the USMLE exams. In fact, the students are prepared in such a way that no matter how a question is asked they are able to answer it correctly and efficiently. Our faculty of teachers have been coaching and teaching for years now. All of them have taken and performed excellently on their USMLE exams!! They are “USMLE EXAM teachers”.
The length and breadth of preparation are extensive to the extent that at the end of two months, the students are ready to take the exams and that too confidently. All our students up until now have scored high and 99% have passed our preparation courses. The classes start in two-month cycles and are held every two months. Step one and step two classes are starting January 9, 2023. Please enroll as soon as possible as only a select number is taken for every cycle. If you are interested, please email – or contact us through our website https://www/
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