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About Medical Student Rotation LLC:

We place medical Students enrolled with us in hospitals and teaching hospitals most of which have residency programs. Students have a choice to choose any speciality like Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, OB/GYN and General Surgery. All subspeciality rotations are available as well. We have an excellent selection of faculty members which includes physician attendings in practice and in academia who are leaders in their respective fields and who provide rotation experience and mentorship to our students. Upon completion of the rotation our students get excellent letters of recommendation from our faculty some of whom are previous and current program directors as well. We also help overseas medical students procure visa. Once in the United States we help the medical students with assistance regarding accommodation, food and transportation if they need it. For students who cannot come to the United States for clinical experience, we offer them TELE ROTATIONS through our state of art audio-visual portals along with strong letters of recommendations from their mentors & faculty in the United States teaching programs.  

Medical Student Rotations

Medical rotations like Cores, Electives, Observerships and Externships play a very significant role when it comes to USCE and subsequent success in NRMP match. It is only during these rotations that the medical students get the actual taste of what it is like being in the field. Clinical Experience opportunities under top attending physicians is the best experience a FMG can have. This is what the students at Medical Student Rotations get. We choose our preceptors and Teaching Attending physicians with great care making sure that they not only very well qualified but also excellent teachers and mentors. Most are from Academic Institutions, Hospitals and Teaching Medical Centers. Some are even Program Directors currently or past program directors. Our students get Guidance, Counseling, assistance, support, and most importantly the mentorship from the leaders in the industry. One can even expect to have their housing, transportation, and meals sorted with the help of the professionals affiliated with us.

Clinical Rotations

The cost of 1 month of clinical rotation for Medical Branches is $1350 and the cost of for 1 month of Surgical Branches is $1800.

Please reach out to us with your query to following email id and number +1 800 692 8710
Please reach out to us with your query to following email id and number +1 800 692 8710

Nurse Practitioner Rotations

Nurse practitioners in today’s day and age are becoming an integral part of United States healthcare system. Most of the hospitals and practices are now employing nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioner’s training and experience is vitally important to not only good healthcare provision in town but also to improve healthcare outcomes of the nation in the long run.

USMLE Coaching


  • LIVE Lectures from the comfort of home.
  • ONE - ON - ONE Coaching & Personalized attention.
  • If you don't PASS the exam, repeat enrollment is FREE.
  • Flexible Scheduling of classes for FMGs/IMGs.


  • Guidance, Teaching Strategy & Coaching, Continuous Question Practice.
  • Daily Drill Questions; Quizes and often Simulated Exams.
  • Pre and Post Course NBME type Exams.
  • Making you practice thousands of Questions covering ALL USMLE topics we prepare you not just to pass but to score HIGH.