Medical Student rotation provides highly coveted and rated clinical rotations

Clinical rotations or medical student rotation are not easily available in the United States for Foreign Medical graduates. Most of the residency programs that interview students for residency match are looking for students who have had clinical, hands-on experience in the United States Health Care system. We at have an extensive network of excellent hospitals and teaching institutions and research institutions in Chicago and the neighboring areas.
We provide our students placed in the hospitals for clinical rotation. During these rotations, our students have hands-on clinical experience and interact extensively with their attending physicians, patients, and other consultants learning the American way of handling the United States healthcare system. They are also exposed to electronic medical records to document their notes which is directly done under the supervision of an attending physician.
This experience of hands-on exposure under the direct supervision of excellent attending physicians gives them the experience that most residency program directors are looking for in the interview. This experience also provides them a chance to get excellent letters of recommendation which is a key cornerstone to getting into good residency programs. We try to accommodate our students with a variety of clinical rotations in all branches of internal medicine, their subspecialties, general surgery, and its subspecialties, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, etc.
We also pride ourselves on making research rotations available for FMGs. These research rotations provide them with the opportunities to get an abstract or publication to their credit which is considered very highly in the selection process. Our company provides highly coveted and rated clinical rotations to Foreign Medical graduates so that they can accomplish their goal of getting into a residency program of their choice.
Our placement rates for interviews and subsequent admission to residency programs far exceed anybody else in the region. if you are interested in clinical rotations, externships, observer ships, or fellowships please contact us at or through our website at

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