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Need USCE (United States Clinical Experience) with LORs?

How Are Our Rotations Different from Others:








CLINICAL ROTATIONS - can be of any duration.

  • REMEMBER TWO THINGS- First the more the USCSE (United States Clinical Skill Experience) Experience the better it is. Secondly, even a months or 2 months clinical experience is better than somebody not doing it at all. The program directors selecting the candidates look primarily for the interest and the effort of the student and secondarily their familiarity/exposure to the way medicine is practiced and their ability to write EMR notes and handle patients in the united states clinic settings.
  • TELEROTATIONS - We also offer these to medical students from overseas who cannot get visitors visa to the USA. This is becoming increasingly common and hence we have started the state of art technology embedded tele rotations. Students can enroll for one month, two months or three months or more options and can do more than one rotations simultaneously thus saving time, money and hassle of travel and stay outside of home

Clinical Rotations

What we do for our students:

  • Our preceptors, physician teachers and counselors are selected after a very rigorous process. We select people who are excellent teachers, have recognition in their fields and hence are also strong recommenders for LORs also called Letters of Recommendations. We also have some current program directors and Past Program directors on our panel as teachers, advisors, and counselors. This is what causes our success and makes us impactful in your success.
  • We incorporate state of the art technology in the delivery of medical education to our students. Modeling of teaching through audiovisual technology doubles our delivery of medical education to students.
  • We provide guidance and counseling as a part of the rotation. Our students get more value for their money as compared to other agencies.
  • We also provide help with filling out application forms, letters of recommendation, personal statements, advice in selecting the programs for residency matching. We have professional content writers on our panel who help draft the student’s letters of recommendation and personal statement which are the most important part in ERAS residency application.
  • Our faculty includes program directors and past program directors along with other teaching physician attendings who help prepare our students for mock interviews, the final step in their success.
  • Our work ethic, sincere dedication, excellent teaching, and guidance speaks for itself because we get multiple referrals from students who finish their rotations with us.
  • REMEMBER there are 48,000 residency Positions in the United States of America. Of these 16,000 positions are occupied by Foriegn Medical graduate applicants. Every year about 25,000 FMG applications are received in the United States. That means 2 out of 3 FMG applicants WILL GET INTO THE RESIDENCY PROGRAMS. Please do not lose hope and allow us help you achieve your goals!!

Medical rotations like Cores, Electives, Observerships and Externships play a very significant role when it comes to USCE and subsequent success in NRMP match. It is only during these rotations that the medical students get the actual taste of what it is like being in the field. Clinical Experience  opportunities under top attending physicians is the best experience a FMG can have. This is what the students at Medical Student Rotations get. We choose our preceptors and Teaching Attending physicians with great care making sure that they not only very well qualified but also excellent teachers and mentors. Most are from Academic Institutions, Hospitals and Teaching Medical Centers. Some are even Program Directors currently or past program directors. Our students get Guidance, Counseling, assistance, support, and most importantly the mentorship from the leaders in the industry.  One can even expect to have their housing, transportation, and meals sorted with the help of the professionals affiliated with us.

The students can count on the hands-on experience in which they not only get to learn from their mentors, but also get to interact with the patients and colleagues. Our state of art technology platforms and classroom teachings are uniformly liked by students. This develops a greater understanding for them in terms of how they must treat patients and how they should also get the most out of such  amazing rotations and clinical experience.  Medical students gain experience and knowledge in Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics & Gynecology.

For those who are coming from abroad, the medical education rotations are very significant. They can get placements in the major cities of the US and across most of United States. So, in case one requires the much needed assistance in residency placements or letter of recommendations, the experts with us can provide it.


How we help our students get into the residency programs!!

1.    Our program offers tremendous help for the applicants to get into a residency program of their choice in the United States.

2.    It begins with providing them with the opportunity for clinical medical rotations in core branches as well as in electives and subspecialties.

3.    We also help them and counsel them with strategies to perform at their best in the USMLE exams.

4.    Our guidance is also available to fill out the ERAS application forms.

5.    Counseling and guidance to choose and select the residency programs where the chances of getting into residency are the greatest and the highest.

6.    We also counsel and guide them with Mock interviews so that they’re able to perform at their best and their chances to getting selected in the residency programs are the highest.

7.    There are residency program directors on our consultant’s panel who prepare Medical Students with Mock interviews so that they can perform their best in the interviews to get selected for the residency program.

8.    Strong and good letters of recommendations are key to getting admission into the residency program. Our consultants and physicians along with our content writers draft strong and robust letters of recommendations that are well liked by the residency program directors.


How to Search Clinical Rotations

United States Clinical Experience (USCE)


  • Check availability by CLICKING here.
  • We will let you know with in 24 hours of the availability upon receiving your request. Our clinical rotations are in high demand and get filled up very fast. Students who keep waiting till last minute feel disappointed when they cannot find a slot for the months they are looking for.
  • Once you have reserved your spot:
  • We will need an Identification (i.e., copy of License or Passport), your CV or Resume. This must be accompanied by a $150 Non-refundable APPLICATION OR PROCESSING FEES. After above We will also need a Letter of standing from your medical school OR Medical School Transcript OR Copy of Medical School Diploma, Updated Immunizations (PPD<12months/MMR/Hepatitis B).
  • After we have received the required documents, we will process them.
  • After above processing is complete, you will be asked to pay the required PAYMENT/TUITION FEES for the rotation. Upon Payment, in 48 hours you will receive the confirmation email containing the attending's name and contact information. At that time, you can contact them to introduce yourself and receive your schedule to begin the rotation.
  • You will receive the Letter of Recommendation from your mentor after finishing the rotation.

Locations and Specialties

We provide you Electives and Externship US Clinical experience- USCE (both onsite and telerotations) all over the United States!



The clinical rotations are superb. I enrolled for 1 rotation and ended up doing 9 rotations with Dr. Izhar’s group. The core rotation I did in Internal Medicine solidified both my knowledge and clinical skills. The subspecialty rotations were also awesome. Recommend them without hesitation.



Being a one-year-old company I was doubtful that they would provide me with good rotations, and that I would be scammed but Dr. Izhar’s assurance made me comfortable and get on board. I was proven wrong in both my assumptions. I had a very good experience. Recommend it to all medical students seeking good clinical exposure, guidance, and mentoring.



I am a Caribbean Medical student and enrolled in multiple rotations with Medical Student Rotation company as they helped me with close-by accommodation options that were very reasonable and economical. That was a really sweet spot for me as my budget was limited. I was lucky to find such good hospital-based, hands-on clinical rotations with LORs from faculty like the Chairman of Medicine.



Medical Student Rotation company for USCE was referred to me by my friend. I did rotations in Internal Medicine with the Chairman of Medicine, Rotation in Hematology/Oncology with the Program Director, and a Northwestern University Research Rotation with Emeritus Professor and Chairman. I am happy to inform you that I received 9 residency interview calls as compared to my friends getting 2-3 interview calls who did the same number of clinical rotations elsewhere and a few had even better USMLE Step 2 scores than me. I credit my success to the Faculty mentors and their letters of recommendation at



I came across Medical Student Rotations through a Google search. Sent them an email and was amazed by the rapidity of the response. Most of the agencies would take 24 hours or more to communicate on an issue that I wanted clarified. With Medical Student Rotations, I was also connected to a WhatsApp number on which I received clarification of my doubts even at nighttime. Dr. Izhar Talked with me for 15-20 minutes clarifying all my doubts and even strategized rotations for me. I think that is the reason for my successful match. I am currently PGY1 in the IM residency Program. Very fortunate to have this guidance! I would highly recommend it to all Foreign Medical Graduates who are unsure about things and need clarification of doubts, assurance, and a good strategy to match. I would give 5 stars to them.



Through LinkedIn I got connected with Medical Student Rotations and Dr. Izhar. After learning of their Hospital-Based, Hands-on rotations at university-affiliated hospitals I explored the cost of the rotations and was amazed as they were significantly lower than other agencies. I have done the Northwestern University Research Tele rotation with them, and I realize that the value in their rotations is so much that I have done seminars with Dr. Izhar so that more and more FMGs can avail of these wonderful rotations and match in residency programs.



Through a LinkedIn post I learned of Medical Student Rotations. I enrolled in a rotation and wanted a visa sponsoring letter and to my surprise, the letter cost was included in the rotation fees. Everybody else I talked to was charging separate money. After getting the visa I had to change my rotation dates a couple of times which the company did without charging any penalty fees when in fact some of my other friends paid 100s of dollars for the same. I had a very good experience of rotations with them. I have referred them to all my colleagues.



Through a WhatsApp USMLE group I came to know of Medical Student rotations. I had a USMLE Step 2 score of 225 and was anxious if I would get Interviews. Under the company’s guidance and Dr. Izhar’s, counseling I did 3 clinical rotations with them and secured 5 interview calls. I am hoping to get matched. During the interviews, I could sense that interviewers were impressed by the Faculty who wrote my letters of recommendation. I fully endorse and recommend them.



When I realized that medical student rotations is a group of 25-30 Chairmen of Medicine, Program Directors, Professors of Medicine, and Heads of the Departments I knew I was going to get awesome mentorship in clinical rotations and the LORs will be impactful. I did 3 Neurology rotations, all awesome. My Neurology attending gave me valuable advice and tips for the Application process which helped me get Interview calls from the East and West coast programs to where I had applied. The rotations are worth much more of worth and value than the fees you pay.



Doing Rotations with MSR company was a very good experience. Their visa letter got me approval. Their one fee includes everything, even malpractice insurance. I enjoyed the Neurology and Psychiatry rotations, and in both, I was with the Chief of the service at the hospital. They even helped me with accommodations close by. Very happy with them.



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