Dr. Anup

I am Dr. Anup and I am here to share my experience working with Dr. Hussain at Inside hospital. It was a very rich experience and I got a lot of outpatient as well as inpatient exposure and there were many patients that I could see. The cases that I saw included Cancer cases like Breast Cancer Metastasis, Colon Cancer, prostate Cancer. I have also got to see an Angiosarcoma patient. There were many Hematology cases like Pulmonary Embolism, DBT, Anaemia, Thrombocytopenia and several. I could see them in an outpatient setting where I could follow them up and learn a lot about the chemoregimens they were taking and I could also see them in inpatient if they had any emergencies or if they had any procedures planned and I got to learn a lot about the basic chemoregimens that were used in Cancers and got to learn new drugs and guidelines that were used. I learned a lot about anticoagulants, antiplatelets and a fine tuning a doctor must do if a patient has thrombocytes or if the patient is bleeding. Regarding the inpatient settings I got to know how to work in a hospital setting and develop this soft skill of communication and which help me deal with the patients from various ethnicities and regarding the inpatient, I also learned the EMR system which was available at inside hospital and I got a lot of patient exposure and it was a very rich experience and I would like to thank Dr.Hussain and his team for giving me this opportunity to learn under him. Thanks a lot