At medical Student Rotation, we have intensive coaching courses

Medical Student Rotation is a one-stop shop for pursuing a medical career in the United States of America. We comprehensively help students with the qualifying exams that are USMLE steps 1, 2, and 3. Subsequently, we also help them in getting clinical rotations in teaching institutions in America. With the step one and two scores, the clinical rotations and the strong letter of recommendation from these clinical rotations the students apply for residency match (ERAS) under our guidance and are able to secure residency spots of their choice in the US. We are proud of our past and placement rates which are almost 99%.
We have intensive coaching courses for USMLE steps 1 & 2 in a classroom setting for a period of two months. At the end of two months, the students are ready to take the exams and pass them successfully with high scores. Our pass rates are 99%.
After our FMG students pass the USMLE steps they do clinical rotations and research rotations with 100% placement through teaching hospitals and institutions with us and get excellent letters of recommendation. Based upon their scores and experience of clinical rotations/letters of recommendation and our guidance they apply for the ERAS Residency application process. Most are able to secure multiple interviews. We guide and prepare them for the residency interviews and most of them match in residency programs of their choice.
The process for foreign medical graduates to come to the US requires timeline-guided strategy and planning. Our organization excels in doing that. We understand FMG students also have a lot of questions and queries so we also hold informational seminars for them. They can also reach us through our website or email at –
Our website has a lot of useful information and videos that medical students can access and make an informed choice.
Come explore your success with us at Https://

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