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Dr. Munavvar Izhar CEO of Medical student emphasizes that Cores, Electives, Observer ships and Externships play a very significant role when it comes to United States Clinical Experience and subsequent success in residency match. It is only during these rotations that the foreign medical students get to learn and get acquainted by the US Health Care system. Clinical Experience opportunities under top attending physicians is the best experience a FMG can have. This is what the students at Medical Student get.

We choose our preceptors and Teaching Attending physicians with great care making sure that they not only very well qualified but also excellent teachers and mentors. Most are from Academic Institutions, Hospitals and Teaching Medical Centers. Some are even Program Directors – currently or past program directors. Our students get Guidance, Counseling, assistance, support, and most importantly the mentorship from the leaders in the industry.

The students can count on the hands-on experience in which they not only get to learn from their mentors, but also get to interact with the residents, fellows, consultants, patients and other colleagues. Our state of art technology platforms and classroom teachings are uniformly liked by students. This develops a greater understanding for them in terms of how they must treat patients and how they should also get the most out of such amazing rotations and clinical experience.

For those who are coming from abroad, the medical education rotations are very significant. They can get placements in the major cities of the US and across most of United States. So, in case one requires the much-needed assistance in residency placements or letter of recommendations, the experts with us at can provide it.

One can even expect to have their housing, transportation, and meals sorted with the help of the professionals affiliated with us.

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