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At Medical Student rotation we provide clinical rotations in all faculties and in all branches of Medicine, Surgery, Family practice and Pediatrics. Subspecialties of internal medicine like Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Hematology/oncology are all available. Our clinical rotations are very popular. Foreign medical graduates and medical students from abroad are at liberty to start their medical student rotations with us at any time of the month they would like according to their convenience. The total duration of clinical rotations in the USA is 4 weeks.

Our prices for clinical rotations are very competitive. Clinical rotation fees are as follows -(Clinical Rotations – $1350; Research Rotations – $1250 (TELE Rotation Option); Clinical + Research Rotations – $2500 and Surgery Rotation $1800). Clinical rotations in the US are highly coveted and since we do not overcrowd our rotations, our placements are booked months in advance. Please reserve your clinical rotations, Electives, Externships, observer ships as soon as possible to book/reserve your spot. Our rotations are booked out 6-12 months in advance in some months.

Our organization guides a student totally through the entire process providing guidance and counseling, helping them select clinical rotations, strategizing for them, helping them secure visas to come to the US to do the electives and clinical rotations.  Our guidance and strategy throughout provide the optimal result for the students getting placed in the residency programs of their choice in the United States. Our rotations are 4 weeks long and can be started at any time convenient to you. The rough clinical rotation schedule will be from 8-9 a.m. to 1-2 p.m. in the hospitals and the clinics depending upon the workload, sometimes it could be less and sometimes more. 15 days before the start of the rotation the medical interns, graduates and students will be connected with their attending physicians who will provide you with the specific schedule.

Medical student rotation

There is both inpatient hospital work and outpatient clinic work. Hospital work is usually more than the clinic work on a weekly basis. 20–25-hour work week is normal during hands on clinical rotations, electives and externship in the United States. We make sure that on an average there will be 2-4 students at a location per rotation. We do not overcrowd our enrollment. Hence, the quality of our clinical rotations is very good because of greater Physician-medical student interaction. During the clinical rotation the dress code is semi casual, or you can wear scrubs too.

We advise our medical students and FMG graduates to carry a bag with a notepad, pencil, pen, stethoscope, pen light, some disposable tissues, snack bars and a bottle of water.


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