Medical rotations in USA to Foreign Medical graduates (FMGs)

Medical Students Rotation LLC in Chicago offers clinical rotations to Foreign Medical graduates (FMGs) from all over the world. We are leaders in providing quality clinical rotations. Our clinical rotations are at UNIVERSITY AFFILIATED hospitals with affiliations from University of Illinois College of medicine (UIC) and university of Chicago (UOC) which are top premier programs of Medical Education in the entire US.

Clinical rotations for fmgs

We also have Research rotations at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Stanford Hospital and University of Oklahoma Medical Center.

Our recommenders are all important faculty position holders ranging from Associate Professors to Department chairs and section heads or division heads. Letter of recommendations coming from important faculty position holders has great importance in a candidate getting into residency programs. Our rotations are HANDS ON ROTATIONS meaning the candidate manages the patients on the hospital floor all by themselves right from the time of admission up until discharge including initial admission, diagnostic work up in hospital, delivering Rx and care daily, interacting with nurses and other faculties in delivering the care.  Total care is Mx by medical students under the guidance of attending physicians till they are discharged from the hospital. Our students also do medical clinics with hands-on clinical experience. Our hands-on rotations set our students apart from other agencies offering clinical rotations. Our RECOMMENDATION LETTERS are personalized to each student and on Hospital letterheads. These features set us apart from others and hence students doing clinical rotations with us have very high residency placement rates.

Medical Student rotation LLC located in Chicago has all varieties of clinical rotations in the field of internal medicine, family practice, Pediatrics and surgery. Subspecialties are available as well. Our externship/Internships/observer ships and Elective locations are currently only in the city of Chicago and suburbs, soon there will be options all over the USA.  The pricing for clinical rotations in internal medicine and its subspecialties is $1350 for a four-week rotation. The clinical rotations are in University affiliated programs. The rotations are going to be Hands-on clinical rotations meaning you would be managing the patients in Hospitals and Clinics fully by yourself under your attending physician’s guidance. The letter of recommendation LOR will be on the university affiliated hospital letterhead and the recommender would usually be a department of medicine chairman or division head or section head.   Of all the medical students and Foreign Medical Graduates worldwide who do 2-3 clinical rotations with us in Chicago there is a 90 to 95% residency procurement rate for them!!

If You Whant to know more about Guide to Utilizing Medical Clinical Rotations for IMGs and FMGs.

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