We provide a comprehensive pathway right from an early stage of guidance

Medical student rotation LLC allows medical students to build a strong foundation on which they can build a dream house of residency. The four pillars of a strong foundation are:
  1. Scoring well on the USMLE examinations. We provide USMLE coaching for both steps 1,2 and 3. Please contact us at info @ medicalstudentrotation.com for further details. Our pass rates are 99.9%. Step one is a pass/fail exam now but for Step 2, one has to score really high to be assured of a spot in residency.
  2. The second pillar of the foundation is doing Clinical Rotations in the United States which may be at teaching hospitals, community hospitals, or hospitals with residency programs. Ideally, 2 to 3 clinical rotations are a must to make the application strong and competitive!
  3. The third pillar of the foundation is a strong Letter of Recommendation. Our mentors and attending physicians guide, counsel, and mentor the medical students, and provide them with excellent letters of recommendation which go a long way and play an important role in helping them secure residency spots!!
  4. The fourth pillar of a strong foundation is a Personal Statement. Our content drafters help the students in creating a narrative and a story of their own which is impressive to the residency program directors and plays an important role in helping them secure the residency spot.
We provide a comprehensive pathway right from an early stage of guidance, counseling, preparing you for USMLE exam steps 1,2 and 3 and then helping you secure clinical rotations and Letters of Recommendation in the US along with providing you help with the ERAS application and helping you prepare for the interviews and then helping you secure a residency program. Please visit Https://www.medicalstudentrotation.com
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