Medical Students Rotations: Helps you match in United States Residency Programs

Medical Students Rotations team comprises of Faculty physicians, Consultant Physicians and Program Directors from all over the United States. They are directly or indirectly associated with ACGME accredited teaching institutions in USA. With experienced personnel as good as ours, you can rely on their expertise and knowledge. The students come from all over the world to do clinical medical rotations with our organization.

As you meet our mentors, you will get to know that most of them are leaders in their field. Majority of them have 10-30 years of teaching experience. Some are Section Heads and Chairmans and Vice-Chairs in their respective departments in the hospitals. Letter of recommendations from such mentors holds an extremely significant value enhancing the whole experience and value of the clinical rotation.

The outstanding letters of Recommendations and excellent Personal Statement by our professional content writers, strategists in conjunction with feedback from our senior faculty Physicians is a cornerstone for our successful clinical rotations.

The success for our applicants is further solidified by our guidance in preparing rank order list and residency interview preparations by our senior faculty and program directors. Students doing clinical medical rotations with us are so well taught about the United States Health Care system that during the interview the interviewers immediately recognize the difference and worth of our candidates over the others.


  • Our preceptors, physician teachers and counselors are selected after a very rigorous process. We select people who are excellent teachers, have recognition in their fields and hence are also strong recommenders for LORs also called Letters of Recommendations. We also have some current program directors and Past Program directors on our panel as teachers, advisors, and counselors. This is what causes our success and makes us impactful in your success.
  • We incorporate state of the art technology in the delivery of medical education to our students. Modeling of teaching through audiovisual technology doubles our delivery of medical education to students.
  • We provide guidance and counseling as a part of the rotation. Our students get more value for their money as compared to other agencies.
  • We also provide help with filling out application forms, letters of recommendation, personal statements, advice in selecting the programs for residency matching. We have professional content writers on our panel who help draft the student’s letters of recommendation and personal statement which are the most important part in ERAS residency application.
  • Our faculty includes program directors and past program directors along with other teaching physician attendings who help prepare our students for mock interviews, the final step in their success.
  • Our work ethic, sincere dedication, excellent teaching, and guidance speaks for itself because we get multiple referrals from students who finish their rotations with us.
  • REMEMBER there are 48,000 residency Positions in the United States of America. Of these 16,000 positions are occupied by Foriegn Medical graduate applicants. Every year about 25,000 FMG applications are received in the United States. That means 2 out of 3 FMG applicants WILL GET INTO THE RESIDENCY PROGRAMS. Please do not lose hope and allow us help you achieve your goals!!


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