Established Medical Education Company in Chicago

Munavvar Izhar’s is an established Medical Education Company in Chicago providing complete guidance and clinical rotations to help facilitate foreign medical graduates (FMGs) and international medical graduates to successfully gain residency positions in the United States system of healthcare.
Initially the process begins with guidance and individual evaluation of every potential FMG student by Izhar, Munawar himself. Depending on the individual circumstances and the aims of the student, clinical rotations, observer ships, internships, externships and clinical research electives are planned for the student. Clinical rotations are scheduled at university affiliated hospitals with mentors ranging from the chairman and the department heads who carry a heavy weight for the student’s letters of recommendations. Clinical research rotations provide the option to the Medical Student to come up with abstracts, articles and publications in United States conferences, societies and journals.
After the clinical electives are over, our company offers help to the students through professional drafters to write their personal statement.  We also help them create a rank order list to fulfill their aim and ambitions of successfully getting into a residency program. Once the candidate secures interviews after the ERAS application in September, we help them participate in mock interviews to prepare them better and to successfully get a residency spot in the United States. We have a proud team of faculty members in the department of medicine and its subspecialties at institutions and university affiliated medical centers all across Chicago to help our students achieve their goal and mission. Our students love this comprehensive approach.
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