Personal Statement Rank Order List Mock Interviews


Help in drafting your personal statement. Creating a story about who you are, what your interests and passions are, your strengths etc.. What you have done up until now and how everything amalgamates and fits together. How you as a resident and an individual will be an asset to the residency program you are applying for. The candidates will fill out a form of information and our content writers will draft upon it with their finesse of creative writing.


Based on your aim and interest of doing a residency on the one hand and the reality of your situation on the other, a realistic rank order list is created for your “individual case”. This will require back and forth communication between us and the candidate and hours of research on our part to create a list that gives you the best chance of matching in a desired residency program and to achieve your aim and goal in life.


A lot of times the candidates are either too confident or too nervous to appear in an interview process. What is optimally needed is a humble and straightforward candidate who comes across friendly, nice to the interviewer. Our mock interview process prepares you through the ordeal of interviewing optimally in the residency interview process. Interviews are one of the most important in the residency selection process because that is the one chance of face-to-face contact that a Candidate has to get into a residency program. It depends on the convincing power of the candidate to convince the interviewer as to why they should take them. Our mock interview process trains you and gives you advice, tips, feedback and recommendations that will make you an outstanding candidate in the interview process.

Our mock interviews are conducted by faculty who frequently interview Foreign Medical graduates for residency programs. They are also conducted by some of the current program directors of residency programs.